You Would be Wise to Honor Curfews

You cannot talk about your security and leave the police out of the conversation. With extrajudicial killings reports and cases of colluding with gangs, police may not have the reputation of having your interest at heart.

A few bad officers sdownload-5hould not tarnish the good job respectable officers are doing. Let the police do their job. You can only do so much. It is important that you follow orders issued by the security agents. When you are told to stay indoors during a curfew, do not be part of a procession demanding the arrest and immediate replacement of the commander, whom you think to be as not efficient enough.

Working against the police means that by default, you have no problem with the enemy – criminals.

The police may impose curfews, but you can also set limits at home. Allow your teenage children to mingle with their friends, but ensure they are home by a particular hour.

Criminals operate during nights most of the time. Many curfews are set around this period, perhaps starting late in the evening until just after daybreak. Curfews, however, do not mean you are entirely safe during the day or inside your home. For police to set limits, the danger must be looming and perhaps closer than you think.

It is important that you maintain a positive attitude towards the police and any directives they may give. Curfews are not meant to hurt you, but to ensure you are safe.

Police patrols may be increased in your neighborhood for a reason. If you can help the police with relevant information, be willing to help. In case you fear victimization from neighbors that may not be as helpful as you, do not despair. Police understands this and are ready to take help from you as a tip-off. Such information will be treated as confidential. And yes, your secret is safe with the police.