What to Do in Case of a Break-in

There’s a list of things you could do in case of a break-in. For starters, you may wish you weren’t home, but by this time, it is clearly too late for that.

Do not try to be download-6a hero

The first thing you should remember is that you do not want to be a hero. Stay humble and quiet and let the criminals do their job. If you are not a professional, do not try to fight the thugs or use a weapon. Guns today are part of everyone’s security plan. However, if you have not been adequately trained on how to use a gun, a break-in is not a practicing ground. You may hurt yourself, or cause undue pressure on the criminals.

Try to cooperate

It is hard to work with someone who is taking away property you have worked hard to acquire. Ask yourself what’s more important, your life or your property. Anything that can be bought by money can be replaced, even if it’s the £13,100 Jaeger-Lecoultre watch.

Many criminals want to finish up and leave as quickly as possible. Believe it or not, they do not want to be arrested. The faster they can finish what they started and leave the better. Do not stand in the way of a criminal or try to negotiate with them. They either know what they came for or are working to get lucky. Your negotiations are only eating into their time.

Keep Calm

‘Thugs have raided my house, I can’t keep calm’ should only be a phrase in a bad joke. Keeping calm will enable you make better decisions. If you catch thugs breaking in before they do, it is better to go for an escape plan. Getting out of the house should be your priority. They can’t harm you if they can’t reach you.