Watch Over Your Children

Terrorism is one of the most horrific crimes reported today. What’s more horrifying is finding out that your child is part of a wanted criminal gang.

As a parent, it may be hard
for you to accept that your child is a member of a terror group. The secret is nipping it in the bud. Teach your child the right ways, and they shall not depart from it – The good book says something to that effect.

Most of the time, chmyfox-security-product-photos-9ildren from a problematic background or abusive childhood are regarded soft targets. Ensure your child knows the right way from a young age.

Much as you may not want to accept it, letting your kids spend time with the elderly, for example, your parents, if they are available, can direct them onto the right path. You can focus your energy on the outside world and the gangs that should be mopped up, but if your child is part of the group, then you are part of the problem, albeit indirectly.

Terror groups do not only recruit boys, but girls too are targeted because they are easy to convince. Girls and women, in general, have assumed men’s roles today. Many households have women as the breadwinner, a fact that has created a hunting ground for the terrorist groups.

Ensure your child is not a soft target to the terrorists like ISIS and Al Shabaab by teaching them the law. Ignorance is not a line of defense.

Terrorist groups may sound like a far-fetched idea. An important point to note is that Rome was not built in a day. A disturbed child can exhibit the signs at an early age. You should not overlook a child who is always being caught in the wrong or causing trouble.

Sometimes, the child may be abusing hard drugs like methamphetamine, alias meth, or cocaine, which are associated with criminal gang members.