Tips on Staying Safe

The only good thing about a wagging tongue is that you can lick your ice cream fast enough before it melts. Being mum and tight-lipped about your security information is your best weapon. Do not be quick to share with others what measures you have put in place. Criminals do not go around saying they are criminals, and neither should you go around narrating to Tom, Dick, and Harry how your Dobermans are only released at night and that they are mostly centered at the backyard.

You might not know it yet, but the reason your enemies know so much about you is because you tell your friends. Your ability to keep secrets does not make you a mean person; rather, it makes you a person concerned about security.

Taking steps towards ensuring you do not have to worry about crime on your backyard is your responsibility.

Danger does not knock on the door

To stay safe, you can also take lessons on how best to defend yourself. Danger does not always have to come knocking on your front door. It could be a mugging or a hijacking.knock-on-door

Security agents are more than willing to share such information with you. Take an interest in if the local center offers karate classes or how to deal with a thief. Throwing your purse in the opposite direction while a thief is running after you can deter them. Women’s heels or your car keys can be a deadly weapon, but only if you know which end to use.

Know what works best for you and do not make yourself vulnerable. Do not start looking for car keys in the parking lot while at your door. In the same breath, have your key in your hand by the time you reach your front door so that you spend little time to get inside your car or house.