Never Feel Alone

Whether you live in a cave or on top of a high mountain, there is always someone residing in the next cave or mountain and is ready to help.

Vigilantes and neighborhood watch groups are commonplace in modern towns today. Police and other security agents have said vigilantes are criminals’ hideout. However, some vigilante groups have done more good than harm.images-4

As a resident of your neighborhood, you know best what to expect and what would raise eyebrows. You know the neighborhood cars and would spot strangers immediately they arrive.

Neighborhood watch is essential in improving security as well as knowing who your next-door neighbor is. There have been cases of people living next to a criminal and even describing them as being kind and generous. Know your surroundings, but better yet, know whom you live next to.

Being interested in knowing who surrounds you should not be confused with being nosy. Anyone who is concerned about their welfare will understand questions asked about security.

You should be on the lookout for people whose behavior raises questions. For example, a neighbor who never attends neighborhood gatherings like barbecues and only moves in and out of their home at night or dawn.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Some landlords nowadays ask would-be tenants to fill out forms with their personal information. While others may view this as a violation of their rights, it is important to bear in mind that security starts with you.

Effective neighborhoods watch groups have helped police arrest criminals. If you play your role, you can save lives. Many watch groups require you to take part in making rounds either at night or as needed. You can make this fun by giving your watch group a fun name and even have uniforms, just don’t have men wear red and blue spandex with a flowing cape. Only Superman can pull that off!