Celebrate the Good Times

Security concerns are not meant to scare you into constantly standing outside your house with a machine gun. You need to trust that the systems put in place by the authorities will be efficient, and will keep you and your loved ones safe.download-3

Always know what to look out for and what action you will be required to take. When there is a reason to be alarmed, then, by all means, seek help, but if not, there is no problem in letting your guard down. Be a neighbor who is concerned about the next person’s welfare. Be your brother, sister or neighbor’s keeper. Crime in one place means a crime in other locations as well. Insecurity, if not addressed soon enough, will be a growing tumor that is hard to kill or eradicate.

If you cannot sleep in peace, neither can the next person. Criminal gangs feed off of your fear. You need to face the challenges of a criminal nature head-on. Only then will the criminals realize that walking to your house is not a walk in the park. If you work hard for your peace, make gangs work extra hard to disrupt it.

Focusing too much on the negative may cloud your judgment on seeing the positive. Get your community to work together to eradicate crime. Positive loitering has been found to be successful. It includes occupying spaces perceived to be gang-owned. They may include walkways, abandoned buildings or old establishments. Sometimes the police join these groups in filling these places.

Celebrate accomplishments together. Unity is critical. Boosting morale through organizing neighborhood events can bring residents together. Crime can be overwhelming.

Focusing on what works, sometimes, improves the situation and gives you the courage to try the next day again.

Improving your neighborhood and getting everyone to be part of the project will give them a sense of belonging. People rarely vandalize a place they call home. You can make these projects a monthly or annual event.