Benefits of Security Cameras On College Campuses

We live in a technological savvy generation and all aspects of our lives interact with technology. Colleges and campuses have not been left behind, and security is one of the major areas that they use technology to help. The presence of security personnel is not enough to patrol large institutions and prevent crimes. Human beings are not able to be omnipresent and cameras placed in strategic areas go a long way in deterring crime. Numerous cameras can be managed by just one individual who is stationed at the control room and when there is a problem they simply just radio in and someone is deployed to the trouble area.

shutterstock_153228896Cameras are good for crime prevention

Cameras in schools help give peace of mind to the teachers, administrators, parents and the students. There are various crimes that are synonymous with a college setting such as theft, rape, vandalism, drug use and sale. Cameras placed in strategic and obvious places around an institution such as what has been done at Berwick High School will make anyone thinking of committing an offence to retreat. These cameras also help manage the general safety of students during their normal school hours and also during extracurricular activities such as sports that are held after classes. The cameras also come in handy in case of an emergency evacuation especially during a fire.

Advantages of cameras in institutions

Cameras in schools have numerous advantages that benefit the teachers, students and the institution as a whole. Their ability to record for long hours help in recording crimes and their perpetrators so that it’s easy for them to be apprehended and disciplined or jailed. They also help in keeping track of teacher and student attendance and punctuality. It can also assist in rating teacher’s attitudes and methodologies while teaching. Camera surveillance technology is a great way to keep an institution secure with its many positives. However some might argue that its expensive, but this notwithstanding, once you weigh its pros and con the choice is very easy to make.