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Benefits of Security Cameras On College Campuses

We live in a technological savvy generation and all aspects of our lives interact with technology. Colleges and campuses have not been left behind, and security is one of the major areas that they use technology to help. The presence of security personnel is not enough to patrol large institutions and prevent crimes. Human beings

Celebrate the Good Times

Security concerns are not meant to scare you into constantly standing outside your house with a machine gun. You need to trust that the systems put in place by the authorities will be efficient, and will keep you and your loved ones safe. Always know what to look out for and what action you will

Watch Over Your Children

Terrorism is one of the most horrific crimes reported today. What’s more horrifying is finding out that your child is part of a wanted criminal gang. As a parent, it may be hard for you to accept that your child is a member of a terror group. The secret is nipping it in the bud.

What to Do in Case of a Break-in

There’s a list of things you could do in case of a break-in. For starters, you may wish you weren’t home, but by this time, it is clearly too late for that. Do not try to be a hero The first thing you should remember is that you do not want to be a hero.

Tips on Staying Safe

The only good thing about a wagging tongue is that you can lick your ice cream fast enough before it melts. Being mum and tight-lipped about your security information is your best weapon. Do not be quick to share with others what measures you have put in place. Criminals do not go around saying they

Information is Power

Your home can only be safe if you take the right steps. Mistakes are bound to happen, but you should not gamble with your home’s security and safety. Some of the measures you can take to ensure you are abreast are to be in the know and be aware of your surroundings. Lack of information

Never Feel Alone

Whether you live in a cave or on top of a high mountain, there is always someone residing in the next cave or mountain and is ready to help. Vigilantes and neighborhood watch groups are commonplace in modern towns today. Police and other security agents have said vigilantes are criminals’ hideout. However, some vigilante groups

You Would be Wise to Honor Curfews

You cannot talk about your security and leave the police out of the conversation. With extrajudicial killings reports and cases of colluding with gangs, police may not have the reputation of having your interest at heart. A few bad officers should not tarnish the good job respectable officers are doing. Let the police do their